Nextcloud accounts don't reconnect


I’ve got multiple nextcloud instances running in docker containers on my server.
They all get shut down for about 15min each night for backup purposes.
Once they come back online, eM Client still shows them as being in an error state and do not sync.
Currently, I need to restart the eM Client app to reconnect.

Is there a setting in the app I can adjust to resolve this, or is it a deeper issue?


martes 18 abril 2023 :: 0834hrs (UTC +0100)

Do you use POP3 or IMAP?
In any event, personally I consider this a normal procedure after a server shutdown.
You should contact Nextcloud and ask exactly what they are doing and ask if they
consider this normal.

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The accounts are card / caldav.
Surely eM Client should reconnect on the next refresh?

Surely eM Client should reconnect on the next refresh?

Not normally as once the mail client looses the server connection “refressing normally doesn’t work” and you have to manually close and reopen the client to get it to reconnect again.

As @skybat says the Next Cloud tech support might have some way to deal with this issue (their end) but otherwise you will have to close and reopen the client manually to reconnect.

Thanks for the reply.
That still doesn’t make sense to me, though…

I also have a mail server running on the same machine, going through the same shutdown / backup / restart cycle.
The mail accounts hosted in that container automatically reconnect and clear errors in eM Client once it’s back up and running.