Next Message Not to open

I am using the free version. Using the layout that puts messages to the right. 
When I open the program the first message opens and if I delete a message the next message opens. 

If I delete an email I need the next email Not to open. 
It would also be nice that when I open the program if the first email didn’t open. 

Is there a setting that will accomplish this?

This is a much requested feature - especially if you access a spam folder. The default action (to highlight/open an email) triggers whatever nasty scripts may be set to run, even if you have preferences set not not download remote content (usually images).

As far as I know, there doesn’t appear to be a setting to prevent this from happening.

Thank you for this reply. 
I choose not to open emails unless I know who they are from for the reasons you stated.
This default ‘open next email’ action will be a deal breaker for me using eM Client.  Too bad because all else looks good.