newbie question - pop3 and local folders


i’m new to emClient and trying to understand the concepts.  as I understand it, if I set up an account and say ‘download messages for offline use’ then if that is a pop3 account, the incoming and outgoing messages should be copied automatically to the ‘local folders’ - is that correct ?  at the moment, I have nothing in my ‘local folders’, although everything is in the folders that are listed under the mail account name.  sorry, i’m a bit confused !  I’ve read all of the documentation, but can’t seem to find anything that clarifies this.

Hi Wise Old Elf,

I think that if you setup your e-mail account as a POP3 account, your e-mails will always completely be downloaded for offline use.

Your e-mails will NOT be copied automatically to your ‘local folders’. You will need to do that manually or by using ‘rules’. But ‘rules’ are a more advanced topic.

thank you hans.  maybe I need some time to get used to it, but at the moment, it feels like it’s not as smooth as it could be.

Hi, POP3 folders that are under your account are local as well as they are not synchronized with the server, but for easy organization and orientation in the application and between your emails they’re displayed under the account.
As if they were saved into the “local folders” and you had more POP3 accounts, it would be difficult to recognize which email belong to what account, or what folder etc.

Hope this helps,