Newbie from Outlook 2010, a few things that would help

I’m a new ‘convert’ to eM Client even though I’m still evaluating it, but these are some things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. Ability to run rules for specific account(s) - this doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

  2. Ability to select a specific existing (or create new) folder for each of sent, deleted and junk mails.

  3. Ability to load a ‘database’ file for emails (similar to Outlook pst file functionality) - currently the only way I can see to ‘archive out’ is to export to .eml then delete the original email.

  4. Ability to set an email address or domain as a safe sender (* for download of pictures, etc.

  5. Short cut menu icon bar at top of left hand column for Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts - similar to the shortcuts in Outlook 2010, though that was at the bottom of the folder explorer pane.

  6. Sounds for notifications need a preview button to hear them while choosing which to use.

  7. Ability to choose from different email addresses under a single individual contact when forwarding an email.

Apologies if some of these are already under consideration.

I like eM Client quite a lot by the way, it has the feel of a well put together piece of software.