Newbie, 3 questions, Import/Compact/Remove imported folder

I have just tried to use emMail and going well so far. Hopwever I have three questions.

I have been using Thunderbird (T/B) for many years so I used the import data from Thunderbird facility in emClient. It did import most of what I had however it did not import my Address Book and I have hundreds of stored email addresses in it. I have exported them from Thunderbird in csv and vcf format but can’t find how to import them into emClient. Any ideas please?

In T/B deleting a message does not actually delete it , it is just marked as deleted in the data file. T/B has a facility to compact all folders and clean this up so that these messages are completely removed. Does emMail work the same way and is there an equivalent facility in it.

In T/B I was using several accounts but used the “Local Folders” as the storage for all the accounts.
On import into emClient this Local Folders account was created. I have since reviewed this need to have several accounts and reduced down to 4 of which I have set redirects on 3 of them to forward any incoming mails to my main account. In emClient then I only needed one account so I deleted the unused 3 accounts and moved all the folders in “Local Folders” into the main account structure. I am now left with a folder on the structure called “Local Folders” which contains nothing except the usual headings of inbox, sent etc all with no content. I seem not to be able to delete this account. Is this possible. I did delete the folder “Local Folders” using Windows File Explorer but it is just recreated when I next open emClient.

Many thanks in advance.

For #3, try unchecking the “Show local folders” setting.

I remember having a similar problem and it turned out that either Contacts or Calendar or both required that that setting needed to be checked.

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Hi @alanwood

#1./ Menu ->File ->Import ->In window ->Files ->Contacts as vVard (.vcf)
#2./ When you delete in eMC it moves to Trash and stays there until Trash is emptied

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Many thanks for that. Again I don’t know how I missed that setting.

Thanks again for valuable feedback.

#1 I will give this a try shortly and confirm.
#2 Yes I did appreciate that. However in T/B when a message is moved to Trash it is not actually deleted from the original location file, it is just marked as deleted. Similarly if you delete from Trash. The only way to completely delete the message is to perform a “Compact Folders” routine from the main menu. What I was trying to determine is whether emClient deletes the files or just marks them as deleted. This can save lots of space particularly if there are some large attachments.


I have managed to import the Thunderbird contacts into emMail however I can only import the into the Contacts associated with Local Folders so as Local Folders are set to not display the contacts are not available. nIs there a workaround for this that anyone is aware of?

That is what I alluded to in my previous reply. I tried to get around it but the eMC design is stringent… if you maintain the contacts locally you have to display Local Folders to access them.

Since “displaying Local Folders” in my setup only takes up 1 line in the folder list, I have grown to accept it and after awhile forget it is there.

Thanks again.

I was afraid that might be the case