New version help

Changed so much and cant get it back the way I had it. So much work.

Version 8.2 has not really changed in functionality except to add more features. Would you mind qualifying your statement with some details. It may be that there is a setting you missed, or something that is not so obvious.

We are all just fellow users on this forum, so maybe someone can comment on specific issues and get you back to finding the application useful.

Besides, eM Client Inc. do monitor this forum, even if they don’t participate, so your details would certainly help them with future development of the application.

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Sure, It changed the whole look of my email and it looks like you have to download a theme to get it back the way I had it. Who has time to go through themes to get things back? The update should add new things while not changing your existing set up.

The default Modern Theme is exactly the same as it was in 8.1. If somehow you ended up with a different theme, in just a few clicks you can get it back without downloading anything. Go to Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes and select the Modern Theme and then click OK.

My problem is I’m use to dark theme and its not the same. The body of the email is dark and doesn’t display properly. I don’t want the actual email to be dark, I want it to look how its suppose to look. I appreciate you taking the time to try and help me out.

After looking into it further I have it all figured out. Thank you for helping me.
Under Menu > Settings > Mail > Read, you can change the preferred background color.

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