New Version >> Empty Tray Icon

The tray icon is empty and the double click on the empty space open emClient

Not sure what your question is Daniele. I would understand there being a problem if clicking on the icon did not open eM Client, but eM Client opening because you clicked on the icon is normal behaviour.

Maybe you could explain further what the problem is.

when I find the problem on another time I will do a print screen. I think the problem occurs when the backup starts. Thanks

Hi, I reply this post because the problem has appeared again. View the attach image.


OK, I understand. The icon should appear like this:

It should be there when eM Client is running (maybe hidden with other icons) or will appear if eM Client is closed and a backup begins.

This is probably a Windows problem, and not an eM Client one. This article over at spiceworks offers a solution that may work for you.

I have the same issue and so have others:…

See your same comment at

It is indeed a cross-posting as different people have brought up this issue under various headers. Some did not get much discussion as follow up to “their” issue while overall it seems like a matter that has been there for some time and didn’t get addressed by the developers yet; maybe because “not that many end users demand a change”. (…)