New version cannot sync google calendar

Just upgraded to the new version (v4.0.13961). Does not work with Google Calendar:

Exception synching calendar:

9:39:23 PM MailExceptions.OperationException: Synchronizing calendar ‘[email protected]/xxxx/’ failed with an error: Backend Error —> The request ‘Google.Apis.Requests.Request(list @…)’ has failed. The service calendar has thrown an exception: Google.GoogleApiRequestException: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError

I have the same problem. What I have done, which isn’t very good, is to open a mail only account so that I can receive my emails from Google, then open up a second account, called it “calendar” and inserted my Google calendar Caldav address. This works, but the problem I have now is that my contacts have not synced. I think that something is wrong in the initial set up of eM Client. I might go back to using Thunderbird un till it is sorted out.

The previous version of eM worked fine with the Calendar. The strange part is that I sync 2 calendars, my wife’s and mine. Both are gmail calendars. My wife calendar syncs ok but mine does not, so I only see her events but not mine.

Just want to know, in eM Client, which e-mail account has being setup to use Gmail, yours or your wife’s? And how did you setup the calendars, with CalDAV or not?

I have same problem.After update fail connection for calendar. But task from google and Contacts still works fine. ( I using this account only for calendar and contacts and tasks)

For everyone with the “Backend error” message: Please go to Tools -> Settings -> Logs and enable logs for “GData” and “Network communication”. Then restart the application and wait for the error to happen. Once it happens, send us the logs using the “Send logs” button in the Tools -> Settings -> Logs dialog.

We will try to diagnose the problem, but it may be a problem on Google’s side with their new APIs.

The log was send to support. I hope:-)

Everything worked with the previous version, and not all the google calendars have the same problem.