New user, constant 'Backend error'

Just downloaded em client for the first time yesterday, to try  it out, linked to a gmail account.  Only used to send a few test emails and look at options etc.

I now keep getting the following error message:  “Synchronisation folder [_emailI_] failed due to the following error: Backend Error.”

What is this, and how do I stop it happening?

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I’ve been using emClient for a while and just started getting this same error. I’m running version 7.2.35595.0 on Win10.

I’m also having this error.  It’s happening with every Calendar item, as well as folder.

It’s happened every once in a while in the past, but as of this morning, it is consistent with every item in my Calendar.

How do I correct this?

I’m so glad it’s not just me, I thought I must have done something wrong!  Sorry you’re both having problems as well though, and hope we can find a solution.

I think this might be a Google issue.  I’m unable to log into Google Calendar, getting an Error 404, page not found.

I think if you all are suddenly having the same issue, it is most probably a Google problem.

Same Error for me.