New useful features - Ideas

Hello all, i use emclient last 3 years for my work (pro version), but i admit that i have search and test other softwares because the lack of these features i will propose.
1) It would be nice can apply a Subject & attachments in QuickText feature and attachments on Template features.
2) Have absolutely the possibility to order the mail folders on left panel with simplicity, maybe select on folder and push Ctrl+Up or Down Arrow and can select different colors for every folder even change them with .ico icons. (I have read post’s from 5-6 years ago for this feature and i am asking to myself, why it’s take so long? I dont’t think it will be so difficult to implement…strange…)
3) Have the feature to activate or not with a drug & drop button that activate the show only emails from my real contacts/clients and not others like newsletters on the big’s emails like G, M, F etc…

Thanks and i hope that the develop team take in consideration at least the 2 feature , very important and after the 1st.
Have a nice day all!!!

I would be interested to know which application you tested that has subject and attachments in QuickTexts.

Quicktext 2.15  thunderbird addon

So QuickText is technically not part of Thunderbird. It is an addon. It also does not work with the latest release of Thunderbird (76), which is an ongoing issue with them. They tried to fix that when the addon was taken over by another group about a year back, but it seems that they are still not able to keep up with Mozilla’s ever-changing addon requirements. But if it works for you, that’s great. Just be careful about upgrading Thunderbird, as many addons will not work immediately. ;-(

Hello Gary, i only propose to implement these features in emClient because i love use it and i think that with these features part of core emclient will be on of the best out there :slight_smile:
I wish the develop team to consider these changes and implement them on the final version of emclient 8.
Have a nice day.

I agree with you, and that is why I voted on this. :wink:

I use Thunderbird a lot, and would love to see some of those addon features in eM Client as well.