New update problem

I have been using the free version for years now, but the last update has made it so that when ever the program checks for mail it always pops to the front of screen, not a big deal unless i’m watching a Movie or playing a game.
So far I have not had it crash other programs but can this be fixed with or without rolling back the last update, and if I need to roll back how do I do that?

All I can think of that might be affected by send/receive is this setting:

Is it the Operations Window that displays? If so, goto Settings > General


and choose a setting.

Also, you can hide new mail notifications when you have an application running in full screen, so like when you are watching that movie.

That option is not available when using system notifications as those settings are handled by your Windows Action Centre.

I have all of these options set now, so they where changed with the update.

Thanks for the help