New typographical problem with iOS 11

I’ve solved this, but it’s a “heads-up” for others.

I’ve written before about the fact that eM Client cannot receive mail properly from Apple Mail (line breaks and signatures cause text to vanish or arrive as mysterious, undefined attachments in either txt or html, etc.) When I’ve complained to eM Client TS, they tell me to go yell at Apple, which conveys a bad attitude, is a ridiculous reply, and totally non-constructive, but whatever.

The new wrinkle is that iOS 11 automatically turns on what Apple calls “smart punctuation”, meaning that it replaces things like straight quotes and makes them more “typographical”. Problem is, they’re non-standard.

So if someone has updated to iOS 11.x and mails you from their iPhone saying the following: I’m “Bat Man”.

You will get mail saying: I?fm ?gBat Man?h.

Congratulations on this, and good luck contacting Apple.


Apple does it again! Well done!

This is not isolated to eM Client though. I have also seen it in Thunderbird; weird formatting on messages sent from and AirMail. Seems to be an issue with iOS and macOS apps being “non-standard”. I guess they prefer to play with by themselves and are not too concerned with others.