New to eM Client - Outstanding Issues

I finally made the decision to leave Windows Live Mail for eM Client. Please don’t laugh :slight_smile: I love WLM but I’m concerned about security on a 10 year old unsupported MS product. eM Client has always been my go to solution, I’ve been contemplating this move for years. I’ve been setting up and testing eM Client for weeks now, everything is working great, just a few issues that I can’t seem to get Support to respond back on so I thought that I would post here:

1.) In terms of constructing a rule, is there any way to use a simple name or word instead of an actual email address in the “From” field? This is something that WLM and other email applications allow me to do right now. Rather than exporting or rebuilding rules from WLM in eM Client, I have been creating them on the fly by right clicking on messages and creating rules for “from” email addresses, but it would be nice if that field didn’t always have to be an email address. A lot of spammers change up email addresses to get around that constraint.

2.) Is there any way for me to add some additional “white space” below the last message in my Inbox, so that that last message isn’t literally sitting right on top of my Windows taskbar?

3.) Emails with graphics and the like are loading up SLOW. I see this is an ongoing discussion point in the forums, my only difference is that I use POP, not IMAP (don’t laugh, I like POP). Anything that I can do to speed things up? Is there a way to download emails without graphics initially, then choose to download after the fact (i.e. like I’m doing with Outlook and WLM right now)?

4.) For every application that I can think of, the universal hotkey combination for selecting a group of items is left mouse button (select first item) + SHIFT and CTRL (at same time) + left mouse button (select last item). For example, this is how I would select a group of email messages in Outlook or WLM to mark all as read. For whatever reasons that I cannot figure out, the hotkey combination for selecting a group of items in eM Client is left mouse button (select first item) + SHIFT + left mouse button (select last item). No CTRL key. I’m guessing that this might be some sort of European standard, but most certainly this is not the norm for applications here in the US. I find it distracting and somewhat counterproductive, but if I have to live it, I’ll live with it. I see an option CTRL+A to select ALL items in a group, but that’s time consuming if you’re just trying to select a group of messages and mark them as read. Is there an option within eM Client for me to change this hotkey combination for selecting a group of items?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Nope (unless I didn’t understand what you were describing…but I think I did).

from article:


  • CTRL – allows you to click and select multiple files that are anywhere on your file list, not necessarily next to each other.

  • Shift – allows you to select a group of files that are contiguous (i.e. next to each other) by clicking one file, and then holding Shift and clicking the last file. All the files in between are then selected.

By the way, you only have to have the CTRL or Shift key held down WHILE you click. Once you are finished selecting files, you can let go of the key, and the files you selected will remain selected.

eM Client works the same way. Probably because Windows controls this, not eM-C?

I’ll quickly take on your first 3

  1. Instead of constructing your rule from right clicking do Menu/Rules. You’ll have lots of options and won’t be limited to the sender

  2. To create space between your emails and the task bar, move the mouse down to the bottom of your window. When it turns into a double arrow, drag it up a bit.

  3. Emails should download without pictures unless you’ve told it to always download with pictures. Obviously a faster internet connection or faster computer can also help. These are controlled by Menu > Setting > Mail > privacy

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Thank you, this is helpful. Makes my requests seem pretty basic :slight_smile:

OK, I left out the contiguous part :slight_smile: Picture 10 emails in a row, one after another. Contiguous. That is what I meant. Obviously if just ONE of those 10 are not to be included, then you can’t use this shortcut, you have to select them individually. So in my updated contiguous scenario, I am correct, that is how I select a group of contiguous emails in both Outlook and WLM. It’s also how I would select a group of contiguous folders in Window Explorer, and so on. That is Windows 101, been that way for as long as I can remember. eM Client doesn’t work that way. Thanks for the response anyway. Maybe someone else can chime in and tell me if there’s any way to change this. Thanks.

Holy sht, mblatz is right, I am wrong. Well, I am half right :slight_smile: I decided to test it out for myself. In Windows, you can select a group of contiguous items EITHER using just the SHFT key, or a combination of the SHFT and CTRL keys. I must have learned to do it with SHFT and CTRL away back when, never realized I could just do it with the SHFT. In any case, eM does not support SHFT and CTRL as Windows does (that’s the part that I got right), so I’ll simply have to reteach myself to just use the SHFT key. Thanks and sorry for doubting you.

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