New to eM Client, a few issues to resolve

I just installed eM Client yesterday, but so far I have been unable to resolve these three issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I can access the various themes, but none of them will work for me. Do the themes not work in the free version? What do I have to do to get them to work? I have Googled the issue and none of the suggested methods or fixes are working for me.

  2. I would like eM Client to go straight to my inbox when I open it (I only have one email account). Instead it just opens and I have to click on the inbox to see new emails. Not a deal breaker, but every other email app I have used does this.

  3. I have imported my Contacts, which is a .csv file. I believe they have imported into eM Client, because when I type a contact into a new email, it automatically finds and enters it. However, when I click on the Contacts icon it shows no contacts and says “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”. I hate to have to individually manually re-enter all of my contacts, but at this point I cannot see any other option. Importing of contacts has worked perfectly in every other email app I tried (and I tried many of them).

Much appreciated

After posting this, I tried the themes again, and realized that you have to click on “APPLY” to set the theme change. So please ignore my first themes question. :blush:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes. Select the Theme you want to use and click on Apply or Save & Close.

  2. Go to Menu > Settings > General > General and choose which specific folder to open on startup.

  3. Probably you imported them to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible below your other contact folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.

Thank you very much for the help Gary. I resolved the themes issue, but I am still unable to get it to open into my inbox. When I Go to Menu > Settings > General > General the only place I can see a choice for “inbox” is where it says “Show on startup” and it is set for Inbox. But it does not go to my inbox on startup? It appears it is going to the Local Folders inbox, and I want it to go to my email account inbox?

You are correct about the Local Folders and my contacts. I only have one account and do not really want to clutter things up by having Local Folders displayed (I don’t even know what Local Folders are?). All I want displayed is my one actual email account. So to do this correctly, do I have to import the contacts to another folder and how do I do that?

I must say that eM Client is far more confusing and convoluted than most other email clients I have demo’d. The main reason I want to go with it is that it has everything I need.

Choose specific folder, then click on the three dots and choose the folder.

Well, it depends if when you setup the account, it came with contacts synced from the server. If it did, in the Contacts section of eM Client you will see the contact folder for that account, and also the Local Folders contacts folder.

You can just drag the contacts from Local Folders and drop them into the account folder. Once that is done you can hide Local Folders again.

It is not working that way here. I did exactly what you said for the inbox issue, but it still does not go to “my” inbox. Instead it goes to the Local Folders inbox, but I don’t want it to go there. Also, I do not have an option to “choose specific folder” and I do not have those three dots you pointed an arrow to?

With regard to the contacts, it does not show any other accounts here to drag them to. I do not have GMAIL or Outlook accounts. My email account is with SHAW, but it just shows up as an account under my email address.

Now to make things worse, I am unable to send emails. When I try it says “there is no account set up. Please add an account in order to send emails”. So I tried to go into my account and set this up, but my account only shows imap settings. There is no where that I can access smtp settings. Also, it automatically set the imap port to 143, but SHAW recommends port 993, which is what every other email app set it to.

I did not have any of these issues with the many other email clients I have tried, but before I give up on eM Client, I suppose it would be best for me to completely uninstall the app and start over again from the beginning.

Okay, I completely uninstalled eM Client and then reinstalled it, carefully taking note of every step in the process. This time I can’t even get the program installed to a point to actually use it and set things up. As much as I like the idea of eM Client, because it has everything I need in an email program, I am giving up on it. The more than a dozen apps have demo’d so far, took less than an hour (more likely minutes) to get installed and completely working. After more than a day with eM Client, I still cannot even send or receive emails, can’t get my contacts into my email account folder and can’t get it to open into my account inbox. One of the most convoluted and frustrating programs I have ever had the pleasure to uninstall.


try virtual sandbox and installing em client or run installation in VM or new clean machine.
Maybe testing too many apps broke something on your windows installation and em client have problems.
This is why I use windows virtual sandbox or run virtual machine to test software before I deploy it on my working machine.

Thanks Darko, but no need to deal with this issue anymore. I have moved on and will be going with Postbox. Postbox installed really easily and quickly, and for email use, works perfectly. The only thing it is missing is a calendar, but I can use the Win 11 built-in calendar. The best option of all the email clients I tried was Mailbird, but they are asking way too much to purchase it, and it also includes an annual fee for updates. I would have just stuck with New Outlook, but it is a total mess with many serious issues.