New theme - Windowish

After way too many hours, I have a new theme that I’m fairly happy with. It’s based loosely on a modern generic Windows 7 scheme, at least within the limits of the version 7 GUI, and includes normal scrollbars and a more unified color scheme.

This was created for version 7.0.26861.0; I have no idea if it will work with other releases. (Someone mentioned in another thread that the official releases don’t recognize the scrollbar code that reverts to a system scrollbar, so YMMV).

I’ve re-organized the code and added comments to better describe what some of the attributes actually control. In addition, I’ve grouped all of the main colors at the top in a comment block. Rather than locating and modifying each individual (and obscure) element, you can globally change the colors in the list for much faster modification. BTW - Using Notepad+ with the XML template makes things much easier.


Quick question.  What color controls the header labels in the left-hand navigation tree when they are not active?  (Mail / Calendar / Contacts / Tasks /Widgets)  Want to darken those and am not figuring out what identifies them

Tweaked a number of other things, though, thanks to your excellent commenting!

The items under “Sidebar box”, specifically (for text color):

SidebarBoxExpandedHeaderFontColor, SidebarBoxCollapsedHeaderFontColor, SidebarBoxOverHeaderFontColor, and SidebarBoxHeaderFontLight 

New version uploaded, with minor tweaks and more commenting. Also now includes a list of known issues with the xml definitions.