New tasks disappear after sync to in eM Client

Yesterday I’ve posted a problem with contacts sync here. Today I found another:

When I create a new task in eM Client, I can see it regularly.

But as soon, as I sync it via CalDAV to, the task disappears in eM Client. But it is still visible (and active) in Memotoo or the synced iPhone.

Same effect, when I create a task with iPhone or Memotoo, but then it’s never visible in eM Client.

As soon, as I complete the task, it gets visible in eM client as completed task.

Strange behaviour. Who’s responsible for this? eM Client or Memotoo?

I cannot tell you who is responsible for this until I see the CalDAV log. Did you send it to us?

Hello George! Thank you for your reply!

Which log do you need exactly and where shall I send it to?

Hello George!

I’ve contacted the administrator of and he fixed this problem with the tasks on his

Also he fixed some other problems with contact fields (from my other thread here).

Please have a look at the thread in Memotoo-forums.…