New task does not have recurrence capability

I recently installed the update to 8.2.1659. For the first time since the update, I’m trying to create a recurring task but when I select TASK from the NEW drop down, I get a dialog box like the one attached. There is no field to make the task recurring. What do I need to do to add a recurring task?

This is because your provider does not support syncing that field, so it is not shown

You can save the task to Local Folders (enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders) where all fields are available, or change to a provider that does support syncing the fields you want.

Thanks, but implementing Show Local Folders makes no difference. In case it’s relevant, there is no Tasks folder shown under Local Folders.

By the way, Tasks did allow me to create recurrance before the last update.

In case someone who has the same problem is searching, I fixed this problem by showing Local Folders (Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders) and then I went to the Tasks screen where I copied my gmail tasks to the Local Folder Tasks folder. I can new create recurring tasks.

Yes @stevenospam I too see that if you create a “Gmail Task” in eM Client there is no option that i can see to (set a date/time) or (repeat/recurring) like in Google Tasks online ?

I would have thought that would be available unless the Google api doesn’t allow it in third party clients.

Ps Hopefully this might be able to be added in the future.

Google Tasks Online (Create a task)

eM Client Google Tasks (Create a task)


Interestingly i do see creating a task in my “Outlook IMAP” account in eM Client there is options to create date/time and repeat/recurring.

So does sound to me like “the Google API is the issue” as otherwise i am sure eM Client devs would have added those same Outlook date/time & repeat/recurring task fields to Google tasks.

eM Client Outlook Tasks (Create a Task)


It’s interesting, but maybe I misunderstood your last post.
How are you able to link eM Client and Outlook tasks?

Edited :OK, I found it, just create an outlook account in eM Client

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I am very happy to use to manage the tasks.
This allows you to have more parameters when creating a new task in eM Client.
So thank you for making me discover this posiibility.

For my compatibility with aCalendar + on my smartphone, I use instructions as for example:
[07:00] [FREQ = DAILY; INTERVAL = 14]
This means start of the task at 7 a.m. with a frequency of once every 14 days.