I am new to eM Client and I have 2 initial questiond

  1. How can I reorder the left column, I don’t want to move the items into a different folder, just reorder their positions.
  2. How can I bulk select and bulk delete
    Thank you, in anticipation, for your help
    Phil Baker
  1. I am not sure what you mean by re-order the left column.  Do you have multiple accounts?  If yes, and that’s what you mean then  if you go into the account setting you can move the accounts up and down.

If you want to re-order folders within an account.  I don’t think that can be done.  Probably would have to be at the server website.

  1. You can select multiple messages either by holding down the CTRL key (to pick an choose one at a time), or using the shift keep to select many rows.  If you want to delete everything click on of the emails in the list and CTRL-A

Hope this helps.


With regard to the left hand column, what I basicaly need to do is move all my email accounts up to the top so they are together and not seperated by numerous folders?
Another question, how do I delete an internet calender?
Thank you for coming back to me and for your help
Phil Baker

You might try creating smart folders for that.  But I don’t they give you unread counts… 

Me… I got used to using the All Inboxes.  I have 12 email accounts I am managing and this is a lot quicker than clicking through all the folders.

When you say delete and internet calendar, do you mean just don’t show it?