new sent folder

Hi there I’ve just started using eM client, when sending an email a new copy of the mail is added to a sent folder eM has created, but my mail account already has a sent folder below the inbox. Is there any way I can set which sent folder is used, for whatever reason eM can’t create the new sent folder on my mail server so they can’t sync across devices.

Exactly same problem here! What’s the solution to reuse the existing Sent Messages folder of my IMAP account and not eM Client’s newly created Sent Messages folder???

You can change which folder will be used as the Sent folder in your IMAP settings. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then click on the IMAP tab for that account.

Sometime instead of Sent , it could be something like Inbox.Sent. It would help to know who your email provider is to work out what it should be. The provider should also be able to give you that information.

Or the problem might be solved by removing the account from eM Client, then adding it again.

Hi Gary. Thanks for this. I’ll give it a try.

The big problem is that folder names are NOT case sensitive.
My provider uses lower case “sent” folder. Which if i change, it still shows the uppercase capital version of “Sent” so the folder is always empty.
Re-adding the account does not help. EmClient always uses the uppercase capital version. It is an IMAP account.
Automatically Detect folder names option uses capital letter “Sent”, if i write it in myself like this “sent” it still uses capital letter version.
I know this because when i look at the properties of the Sent folder in mail view it is also shown like “Sent” there too :frowning:
So there is currently no way for me too see the sent mails.This has worked before without problems 2-3 versions earlier.

Who is your email provider Frank?

Why does that matter?
It is a hungarian company you surely don’t know.
The main problem is that Mac / iOS devices use the lowercase imap sent folder so i have to use the lowercase folders on all clients (windows too).
As i said, this has worked absolutely fine in the last 3 years until one of the emclient updates has changed this behavior.

It helps to know as it may also be that the provider has recently changed their server settings, and that is why you are having some problem. It may also be listed in the change log if a problem was found and has since been corrected. At the very least, it can help the developers if the problem is a compatibility issue between your server and recent versions of eM Client.

Anyway, you don’t need to provide an answer that could help solve the problem. What you can do is uninstall eM Client, then download and install the previous version that was working for you. You will find all previous versions at

I am the system admin of my own provider, so i would have known if there would be such change to the server. The server uses CentOS6 based InterWorx Control Panel which manages the services.
The solution to go back to a previous version is not an option, because it always nags the end user of updates, and there is no option to turn on new version checking, at least i have never found the solution to it in the settings menu. Of course the other problem would be security issues with the lack of updates, because i may never know if updating would break the IMAP mail function again. So i would be open to any suggestions for debugging.
I made some screenshots, so you would see, that it is somehow an error in the emClient, and not the server side.
No matter what i set in the “Special Folders” the folder name is NOT handled case sensitive.

After setting above option, when i go to the sent folder on the server and rightclick-properties, you will see here that even the “Location:” line still uses uppercase capital for sent folder, despite being set up in “Special Folders”

(Note you see 1 letter in sent folder, because sending from this client would put sent mail to “Sent” folder, all other clients are writing to the “sent” folder. So the user doesn’t see all the sent mails.)
Please, fix this. Thanks.

Frank, I suggest as a Pro License user that you open a support ticket with eM Client for this. They might be able to suggest some change in the server config or at least they will be aware of the incompatibility with eM Client application and may be able to accommodate this request in future versions. Though they do monitor this forum, participation from eM Client employees is neither regular nor guaranteed.