New Rule Exception Selection: Except words included in the From field

If we could make an exception to a rule dependent on words (not email addresses) in the From field, it would simplify rule creation.  (This would also help in the From People selection.)
Since exceptions now must have a complete email address, as best I can see, and if you want to make multiple exceptions, it requires copying down all the email addresses and then adding each to the exception.
Of course, if the Rules window could be isolated from the Mail window so that you could operate in both windows at the same time. you could just go to to Mail (while Rules is still open) and copy each address then click back on the Rules window and insert it in the Rule.  This could then be done repeatedly until you have populated the Rule’s Exceptions.
Now you have to create the Rule, close Rules, go to Mail, open an email, copy the address, go back to Rule, edit the Rule, and add the copied address (for each additional address.)
I hope this is clear and, maybe, there is an existing work-around.

Hi John, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, you can add people from the Contact lists, however primary email is always selected.
We’ll consider adding the feature(s) to future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply.
I hope this will be considered because it’s a serious limitation, especially since many of the exceptions I need to make are not part of my contact list.

I really appreciate the prompt responses.  Responses from other products I use sometimes take weeks for a reply.  Your help allows me to either solve my problem or find alternatives, while everything is still fresh in this old memory.  I’m trying real hard to make your program work for me.