New Microsoft Security Protocols?

For the past two days I have been unable to use my work email (Exchange/Office 365) with Em Client. When I inquired with IT, I got this reply, along with a suggestion that I switch to Outlook.

“Yesterday Microsoft enforced their new security protocols on any Microsoft owned accounts. Since we use Microsoft Office365 we fall under those protocols. The email program Em Client will no longer work with our accounts as the application does not meet Microsoft’s security requirements.”

My question is, is it true that Em Client is no longer compatible with Microsoft protocols, and is there an update or workaround? I don’t want to use Outlook!

eM Client is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange.

Can you explain a bit about what is not working?

It just continually asks for my password and doesn’t synchronize anything. I have used Em Client for years without issue until yesterday. I have tried deleting and re-adding the account. No effect.

This is because your server no longer accepts username/password logins.

Please go to Menu > Accounts and remove the account.

Then click on Add Account and enter the email address in the Automatic Setup.
You will be passed to your web browser to authenticate the account, then back to eM Client where the account will have been setup with Modern Authentication, so oAuth (passwordless).

No effect. It still asked for the password and did not pass me to the browser.

It may be that you had previously disabled oAuth for a previous version of eM Client.

If you did, you will need to delete the option in the registry.

Open the Windows Registry editor and go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eM Client
Delete the AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth entry.

Restart eM Client and try the account setup again.

If that doesn’t help, ask your IT if they have purposely banned non-MS apps (for oAuth).

Had to step away from my desk for a moment. There is no AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth entry in the registry. It may be that they have banned non-MS apps. It wouldn’t surprise me…

Could the problem be that I’m using an older version of Em Client? I am still on version 7 on this machine.

Version 7 did not force oAuth like we do in recent versions with the Automatic Setup.

You can try change the registry to force this, then setup the account again and see what happens.

So you need to add the AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth entry and set it to 1.
The instructions are offered here, (that was for 8.0 and 8.1 but the process is the same).

The best solution though would be to install version 9.

Tried that didn’t work - Our IT department also tried that and it didn’t work.


“you can try” does not help. I have this same issue and we have had no email for three days. I even had our IT department try to fix it (and they are IT people), and they still could not fix it. So mere mortals like myself have no chance. I went to that page of instructions and it just overwhelmed me. Being overseas, I have been emailing your rooms for two days and getting very little in the way of support because we have to wait 12 hours or more due to the time difference. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to go back to Outlook as I was unable to manage your “work around” and I now have three days of emails to catch up on. We are a medical practice. This is theatre lists and patient paperwork!! Stuff that cannot wait. May I suggest you put a night shift person on, to help others in different time zones. This is a pretty big issue to only have a work around for.