new messages not showing in in box

Some, not all, new messages are showing in ‘unread’ section, but not in inbox. When I read them they dissapear completely, but can then be found via Search, but with no clue where they might be found otherwise. This has happened only in last week or so.

If a message is in the Unread Smart Folder, and you read it, it will logically no longer be displayed in the unread folder. :wink:

If you can find the message by searching, then right-click on the result and choose Properties. That will tell you which folder it is in.

It may also be that the message is part of a conversation, and you may be confused by that display. Disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if you are able to see your missing messages in the Inbox, or whichever folder they are in.

Thanks, that was useful. The missing emails are in my ‘all mail’ box. But why not in my inbox? Can I ensure that they do go there in future? - as they did until recently.

With a Gmail account, every message exists in the All Mail folder and then is additionally organized in “virtual folders” like Inbox, Sent, etc. according to the label assigned to it.

Might you have a filter on your Gmail account that is removing labels?

OK. Its good to understand that. I cant see an an obvious place in gmail settings for filters, including in the IMAP box ??? The properties for all messages are the same, showing as in all mail. Thanks- your help appreciated.

I’m having the same issue (with protonmail - imap), did you get a resolution to this?



No, I gave up emclient and moved back to Opera. I tried Thunderbir, but that wouldnt send some messages. I find that messing about with settings and glitches sucks up hours of time, so avoid doing that. I’m still on Windows 7 which is ancient history as far as many programmes are concerned, so might be at the root of some problems.

Ah that’s a shame. It’s super annoying. It might send me to a different client as well. It’s a shame because I like so many other things about it. Sadly that’s a pretty annoying bug.