New messages not loading

I’ve been using eM client free version for a couple of weeks to try it out & decide whether to sign up for the paid version. All worked fine till today - as of today, new inbox messages won’t synch/download at all, except when I 1st open the programme; after that, nothing, even when manually refreshing.
Sent messages are synching fine.

There are no errors showing up in the operations menu & the diagnostics in the account settings doesn’t give any errors.

If I can’t find a solution to this eM client is going to be no use to me at all, so hope someone can help…

Who is your email provider?

Do you know if they recently made any changes to the type of IMAP service they offer?

eM Client uses PUSH IMAP, which means that the first time you connect to the server when you start the application, it asks the server for new messages. After that it waits for the server to notify of new messages. It won’t ask again.

Some servers use a different type of IMAP where the server does not announce new messages but relies on the application to continually ask for them instead. This seems something like what you are experiencing, when the server is no longer announcing new messages and so nothing is syncing.

Hi, thanks, it’s Zoho mail. I’d also reached the conclusion the problem was with Zoho, as I’d added another webmail account to eM to test it & that seemed to work fine.
I looked on the Zoho forums & there was nothing on there to indicate any problems or changes, but it seems to be working as expected today, so maybe just a temporary issue.
I’ll keep monitoring it.