New Message Text Entry Is Blocked in V9

In V9 a new message cannot be typed.

The “To:” and “Subject:” windows operate normally. The message window does not.

When the message window is selected, input is blocked. Normally, after the window is selected, the cursor is visible where the first character is input. Now there is no cursor feedback, the window remains blank, and a message cannot be typed. The message body is inaccessible.

How can new message typing be restored?

Problem solved!

To fix the issue, select Menu → Message → Format. Toggle from HTML to Plain Text. Cursor appears, new message area is active and input is no longer blocked. Toggle back to HTML, message area remains active. With HTML selected, the familiar “Type a message here” note reappears. And, as you can see in the image, the cursor is located at the first character input.

I suspect the V9 installation didn’t install correctly 100% somewhere, as should normally have a cursor input in the HTML message window as I do.

I would suggest to backup up eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then close eM Client and uninstall eM Client and “don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall wizard.

Then re-download V9 from the version history page and reinstall and see if you then get a cursor in the message window.

Unhappily, uninstalling em Client (preserving database) and then reinstalling did not fix the problem.

Each time the compose new mail window opens, the Message window is blocked and inaccessible. The fix is to toggle Message → Format from HTML to Plain Text and then back to HTML. From my perspective this appears to be a bug in v. 9, because the issue is persistent, and it never occurred in my previous versions (6, 7, and 8).