New message count not appearing next to folder title.

I use IMAP and for my account and i have disabled “download messages for offline use” within the account settings.

on my inbox, i have enabled this option directly. i have left it disabled for all other folders.

from time to time, i like to check my spam folder for “incorrectly identified messages”.

the problem i’ve noticed is that the folder title will ONLY appear bolded when there are new messages in the folder; i don’t see a message count. this happens for all other folders on my account as well.

investigating further, i find that once i select one of these bolded folders, there aren’t any new messages for a moment until em “downloads the headers”. only after it downloads these headers do i get a message count next to the folder.

why is em “checking for new messages” (and bolding their folder titles) but not downloading these headers for messages in folders where i dont have offline use enabled?

we fixed it and you can expect it in the upcoming version 5.0 which will be released soon.

RC2 has been released and this is still an issue.


I have discussed it once again with our developers and being told that they fixed few minor errors when displaying new messages count near main folders, but that it is impossible to do that for subfolders because IMAP does not support it.

“it is impossible to do that for subfolders”

my “facebook”, “subscriptions”, and “trash” folders aren’t subfolders. why don’t they show message counts?

and even though my spam folder shows no messages, it’s the folder that prompted this question. it is ALSO a top level folder just like inbox.