new mail window fails to open upon mailto click (eMclient 2.6.7149)

new mail window won’t help by clicking on a mailto address type (i.e. [email protected])

how was this solved?!? I don’t find any solution description here?!?

We made few changes so opening of new mail window works without any problems. Are you experiencing any similar difficulties?

running firefox and klicking on the mailto link only opens the mail program but not the new mail window. it simply displays the inbox…

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Version 5, most recent one.

Please go to Control Panel - Default programs and check if both eM Client and FIreFox have all their defaults.

I just checked Firefox and eM Client, and both have all their boxes checked in the Control Panel’s Default Program applet. In my system – Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit and eM Client 5.0.17595.0 – clicking on a mailto: link is extremely slow. This is with eM Client already running, and it’s so slow that coming upon a mailto link in Firefox, I could Select the link, Copy it, switch to eM Client, open a New Mail window, Paste the address, and delete the “mailto:” part, all more quickly than the time it takes eM Client to do all of this for me, if I just clicked on the link in Firefox. I used other mail programs before eM Client, and did not have this problem.

Very strange, I could not simulate it. Can you please set another mail client as default application and then switch it back? Let me know the result. Thank you.

I noticed today, after a restart of eM Client resulted in its upgrading itself to 5.0.18025.0, that clicking on mailto: links on web pages is now acceptably quick – MUCH quicker than before. This is with Firefox 21.0. I don’t know if you folks specifically addressed this in your latest release, but in any case something just changed for the better.

Thought I’d let you know…

OK, thank you for the info.