new mail only shows in inbox after restart or inbox "repair" using

incoming mail will only show up in my inbox if I restart EN Client or if I use the repair button in properties of the inbox, thought maybe a charter issue but I have tried several other third party clients and they seem to be OK, but I really would like to use EM Client

Hello David,
this is unfortunately a know issue with Charter IMAP servers.
Their implementation of the IMAP does not send information about new messages being received and the information is retrieved only with a forced pull (which eM Client does only at startup to get messages received on the server while eM Client was closed). Different clients probably pull information with each refresh, but that slows down the synchronization and takes up more CPU.
eM Client uses IDLE IMAP and we do not currently plan to change this implementation just to accommodate Charter.


Thank you, too bad though

It is unfortunate that you view providing a solution to your users as “accommodating Charter.” As a business practice this attitude is counter productive to customer satisfaction and therefore, growth.

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