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For many years, I’m using Windows Live Mail. I just try out eM Client v6 & found out it is very good except a few items which I think is a must for me to migrate over to eM Client. I hope you can consider this

I think it is good to have new mail count beside email address and inbox folder instead of at the inbox only (at the Mail column). It is because I have many email address & don’t like to use Smart Folder & normally I keep the sub-folder collapse. When new email arrive I know exactly it going to which email address.

This is what I mean. Better to have

[email protected] (4)
     Inbox (4)

instead of just

[email protected]
     Inbox (4)

Hi Sobri,

Does ‘Windows Live Mail’ have something like the ‘smart folders’ in eM Client?

I think once you get used to using the ‘smart folders’ you will like it: it will prevent a lot of mouse clicks selecting different inboxes.

Hi Hans,

Yes, Windows Live Mail has Quick View. The function is exactly similar to Smart Folder in eM Client. I don’t like it because I have many email address & sometime I will get confuse when a new email come from which address. Type of response & the urgency is different for different email address.

I also frequently drag & drop the email in the inbox to a different folder

So it is not really suitable for my usage.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, current setup is a result of user feedback, to move the unread count next to inbox rather than what you’re suggesting.
The unread count is shown next to inbox, before other subfolders are not automatically synchronized, unless you’re using local rules and “download messages for offline use” option.

Some people are using server rules, and other subfolders only notify about new mail available, however we’re always able to display the unread count for Inbox only.

However we’ll keep your thoughts in mind for future updates.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul.

TQ for your reply.

I really hope you do take this suggestion & implement it as an option in setting. For those who prefer the current set-up can turn on or off in the settings.

I am interested in this implementation, there are news ?

Hi, we’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM client, this version should include a new UI, that will hopefully make the working experience with the application much better.

Please be patient or tune-in on the latest updates on our facebook page or twitter.

Thank you,