New mail icon not displaying

I have the same version of eM Client running on a desktop PC and a notebook, 7.1.30794.0, both under windows 10. The new mail icon show up on the eM Client task bar icon on the notebook but not the PC.

Still not displaying! Does the developer read this forum??

Are you by any chance using small taskbar buttons on the PC? If you are, you will not see the icon on the eM Client taskbar button because it is disabled on small buttons.

Yes I was, thanks!

After a few days, I notice that the icon does not always display even using the large buttons.

On the right of your taskbar, is the standard new mail icon also missing when this happens?

Yes. I never see a new mail icon there.

You can change that in your Windows settings. On Windows 10, select which icons appear on the taskbar.

I have selected the eM Client icon to be displayed on the taskbar but it does not display.

In eM Client, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Notifications. and make sure you have enabled Show notification icon in the tray area. If the black icon has a red x, then it is disabled.

It is enabled, no red x.

That works!