New install, can receive but not Send mail

Newly installed (on Windows 10), I used the automatic configuration for two Microsoft email accounts, one is and the other . The program syncs folders and incoming messages okay, but when I create a New message and Send it, it never arrives. No error, shows up in the Sent folder, nothing indicated in the Log.

It will, however, Send successfully if I Reply to a message.

The SMTP settings are "” and port 587, with security set to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”. I have seen a recommendation to use “STARTTLS” for the Security setting, but this is not an option.

Please advise. Thank you

HI Ray, I can’t help unfortunately, but just to say I tried V8 when initially invited to, but I couldn’t send or receive ( I was therefore forced to revert back to V7. Thought I try V8 again today, and although I was able to send, could not receive, so back to V7 again.(SMTP seems OK, but not IMAP) Have tried everything I know (which isn’t that much to be honest) and everything that has been suggested on the forum, so it’s frustrating. No idea how long I can stat on 7, but I have no choice if I want to use this email app which I like.

domingo 04 octubre 2020 :: 1319hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Ray8 & @ArbieW

Microsoft have updated their security routines, to resolve…
You need to log into your @outlook account with your browser, then…
To add your 3rd party account (eMC) as a connected account, go to the section:
Add your other email accounts to
When adding your 3rd party account as a connected account in,
you must use IMAP.
I don’t know, though this might also be the case with @ntlworld

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


No idea either Russ about ntlworld, or how I would set it up on there. The IMAP and SMTP settings were exactly the same on V7 as they were on V8 in eM c. As far as I can see, there is no logical explanation for me not being able to receive emails in V8

Problem resolved. It appears that had temporarily blocked sending from these accounts. I discovered that even using the web interface, messages I sent were not being received where they were addressed to – same problem as using EmC, no error messages or anything.

Suddenly today, all of those undelivered test messages began arriving at the accounts I had sent them to. Further test messages went through immediately.

I don’t know if this was a issue by Microsoft with the way EmC initiated these connections, but now it’s working and I did not change those configurations.

Thank you to the respondents, that was helpful in tracking this down.