new gmail account added - missing messages from July of last year forward

I have added a gmail account to emClient - it downloaded my email up until July 21 of last year and then stopped…I’m also getting email from today, but nothing between July 21 2017 and July 16 2017. Where is the rest of that email? Very frustrating.

Ok - it seems to want to do iMap, but gmail works best with POP - where are the POP servings?

I’m getting this error message:

Also, I noticed that in Account settings, the instructions don’t match - the instructions from gmail says “requires SSL: yes”

but I see these options:

Win10 Pro laptop.

Thanks for any guidance.

For Receiving mail (IMAP), use port 993, use “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”

For sending mail (SMTP), use port 587 “Force usage of SSL/TLS”

ok - will try that…



ok - so THAT got me as far as messages up til Thursday Feb 8 - and then it just stopped syncing again. Hmmmm…

Can anyone shed any light on this? My settings are correct now, but it still won’t download the email in my gmail account between Feb 9 2018 and July 16…what is wrong? This is super frustrating. I WANT to like this program (earlier versions I used on another laptop were great), but this makes no sense at all.

I assume you can go into the web client for gmail and see the emails?  Are you getting any error messages?  Are you by chance using eM Client on more than 1 computer?

yep - I can. No error messages. And no, I’m not using eM Client on any other computers.

OK, let’s try deleting the account and then recreating it.  To make sure there’s not something strange with the database, let’s delete it and start from scratch:

1.  Close eM Client.
2.  Delete the folder c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Cient (note: this is a hidden folder, you may have to check “Show hidden files” in the view menu of Windows explorer)
3.  Restart eM Client.  It will create a new database
4.  Reenter your account information.  The automatic setup does a great job with Gmail, so use that.

thanks - I will try that. I had used the automatic setup the first time as well… will let you know how this works. Will do it again at work this morning - we have a faster internet connection there.

Ok - that did the trick :slight_smile: Thanks so much!!


Great Tess.  This is unusual behavior so I don’t think you will have this problem again.  I have been using eM Client with Gmail for years and never have I had an issue.