New Folder Focus Annoyance

Anyone else having an issue with the new “fearture” in eM Client 8 that when you create a folder the focus is automatically changed to that folder?

In the past, if you created a new folder, the focus remained on the folder you were currently viewing. I found this beneficial when I needed to create a new folder and move emails from my Inbox. I could scroll down to where the new folder would be, add the new folder, and then just drag the emails to the new folder.

Now, after creating the new folder since the focus changes to it, I need to scroll all the way back to the top of the Folder List, select the Inbox, and then scroll all the way back down to the new folder. When you have multiple accounts and hundreds of folders, this is quite annoying.

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In V8 if you “right click” your mouse on the “mail icon” bottom left and click “new window”, you can then drag emails from any folder in the new Em Client window (on the right) to your original selected folder on the left to save you going up and down to the inbox as you said.

So basically have 2 x em client mail screens going.

True, but I shouldn’t have to open 2 eM Client windows in order to move an email from one folder to another.

On that note, since they added the “Show in New Window…” menu option to the right-click menu, I find that I repeatedly open a new instance of eM Client when trying to create a new folder as that menu option is where the “New Folder” option used to be… Errr… :confused:

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For issues with beta versions, it is better to send feedback to [email protected]

Merg - Apart from two EM Client windows you can also just select any emails eg: in your inbox, and then scroll down to the folder your want to put / file them in and then just drag / drop them on the folder. That’s the way i do it with one EM Client window.

I know that.

My point is that if I have items in my Inbox, I will scroll down the folder list, which for me is very large as I have 3 accounts and hundreds of folders. If I then create a new folder to put the email in, eM Client will change the focus to the new folder away from the current folder I was viewing. I then need to scroll all the way back up to the folder where my email is, click on it, and then scroll all the way back to the new folder so I can drag and drop into it. 

In past versions, when you created a new folder, the focus stayed on your current folder.

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Or, you can just use the Move to Folder contextual option. That way you stay in the original folder.

The 8 beta now allows you to search for the destination folder in the Move To dialogue using more than just the first character, so that should save some time with hundreds of folders to choose from.

Thanks. I’ll have to look at that.

I do find it odd that when you create a new folder the focus changes to it. It’s not like the folder has something in it that I would want to access since I just created the folder and it is empty. Usually the reason for creating a folder is that you want to put something in it, which is all the more reason the original folder that had focus should keep its focus after a new folder is created.

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Oh, I absolutely agree. It is frustrating to be moved around like that. Fortunately when creating a folder from within the Move to Folder dialogue, you don’t.

Hi Gary. There’s a bug at the moment on the v8 Beta. “Move to folder” button on toolbar is not working properly in Gmail accounts. It won’t set the tag/label, therefore the moved message will be visible only in the “All mail” Gmail folder/label. It is working only by dragging and dropping.

Yeah, betas are fraught with issues. Did you report it to [email protected]?

I’m the Italian translator for eM Client and I told Michal. If you prefer I will also send emails to the given e-mail address you provided though.

If you told Michal, that will work. He was replying to the testing messages and I mentioned one thing last weekend and within hours he had it fixed and a new beta was published. :wink:

Yeah, he’s very efficient :wink:

So, I noticed that this bug is still present in the eM Client v8.2.

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