New Folder Creation

Trying to create a new folder in mail. Can do so as a folder under “Local Folders” where it winds up along with Inbox, Sent, etc. but I want it to be with all the other alphabetized folders under “More” but program does not allow creation of a folder under “More”. I can create sub-folders under any folder under “More” but not a new one not as a sub-folder.

The More folder is a specialised folder for hiding other folders you do not normally want to see. :wink:

To get a folder in there, create it under Inbox, then right-click on the folder and choose Hide.

To remove folders from More and put them back in the normal folder list, right-click and choose Show.

My sincere thanks for that information. Now an even more basic question - where would I have found that in Help or any other option for determining how EM Client works in regard to Folders?

There is a mention of the More folder in the documentation (F1) in the section about the interface, but it is a bit obscure.

Besides that I don’t know of anywhere other than this forum where it has been explained or mentioned.