New field "URL" in editing-mode of a calender-entry

It would be nice to have a separate field in eM Client editing of a calendar entry for URL:

(the field should be clickable, so that the link opens in the standard browser)

On an iPhone I have a separate field “URL” that I can use to paste an URL, f.e. for a website with information to the event. In my example here I pasted “” in it and saved it.
See iPhone.png at Nextcloud

eM Client does allready recognize the URL-field, but only if I use context-menu in calendar-view:
See 1.png

When I edit the calendar entry, the URL field is missing:
See 2.png

trying to write a quality-post here ist not that easy if I can only post 1 media and 2 links here,…


I changed this to a feature request, as we do sync the URL field from the server, but we don’t have a field in eM Client to display it.

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