New features: ideas

Hi, got some ideas to share

  1. Make stickers of unread items on compact favourites bar, somewhere here or in inbox.
  2. Make hot keys navigation in favourites it can be just up and down, but best way would be to have an ability to assign hot key for every folder in fav.
  3. When meeting invitation is received by email - it is very hard to understand availability without seeing calendar. Make it possible to see calendar on that particular day.
    I see 2 options - First is day schedule can be opened in sidepannel automatically when you open meeting request. Second - button to open calendar inside email or just open calendar and accept meeting there (like in MS Outlook)
  4. When you accept invitation on side bar invitations section - it doesn’t mark meeting request email read and still allows you to confirm in email , so I suggest to add this function - mark meeting request as read email.

Thats all for now