new feature: "new and unread" vs. "unread"

I often mark a message as unread to make it stand out in a long list of messages. This helps me to remember that I still want to handle this message later somehow (re-read, reply…etc.).

there is a certain risk that new unread  messages hide unnoticed between those “old” manually marked unread messages…

Idea:  How about a " new and unread"-flag/icon/indicator?

That should be something which is not user-controllable and indicates whether a message has been viewed ever before or not. The flag disappears as soon as eM Client displays the message the first time…

The same indicator should be shown beside the Name of the Folder which contains this “new and unread” message.

I know: this feature is a bit “inspired” by Lotus/IBM Notes.
I don ́t know if they somehow protected their idea or not…

How about that?


If there is a message I want future action on, I flag it. There is a smart folder filter for flagged and they show up on the agenda. Also, they are not co-mingled in with real unread messages.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for that suggestion - but isn ́t a simple sign/icon/asterisk(?) easier and more convenient?


Hi Fritz:

I agree it would be easier.  Knowing how long development lead times tend to be and what priorities are, just trying to offer a suggestion I use.

Hi Jay,

Please do not misunderstand: I appreciate your idea - I just wanted to explain/justify my suggestion :slight_smile:


Hi Fritz-- no misunderstanding, I appreciate the dialog.  Also good to hear how other people handle situations.

Why is this useful feature still not implemented?