New emails not downloading via IMAP, but no error shown....

Anyone else having issues downloading new messages via IMAP? It’s not downloading new mail without showing any error.

The email address is hosted via I’ve experienced issues with them syncing in the past but it’s GoDaddy and for work, so I can’t switch services. I’d like to keep using emClient instead of webmail and IMAP instead of POP3 but it’s looking more and more likely that I’ll have to switch.


Yes - same issues. Install the latest version (6.0.20025.0) of eM Client and it seems to work part of the time at least. Outlook seems to work fine so it’s definitely got something to do with eM Client not playing nice with imap.

We’ve acknowledged this problem, and we’re trying to resolve it, but the issue is caused by GoDaddy not by the application.
Please be patient.

Thank you, for pointing this out.