New emails almost always labeled with category 'important'

I am using a gmail account in eM client 7 and for some reason most of my new emails are labeled as ‘important’.

This is odd because some emails do not receive that label. I have not discerned what differences there are between the emails.

I’ve enjoyed the new category feature, but I find this issue to be annoying.

Have a look here:…

Strangely enough even though at first the Gmail filter worked for me almost 100%, recently more and more mails start being labelled as “important” again in eMC even if not marked important by the sender or being within an old conversation with the “important” label.

So this issue is still unsolved, no workaround really works all the time. eMC needs to make significant changes in that matter. A simple switch “never use important label” in the settings would work for me :wink:

I have the same issue.

Same issue here. 

the Important label is assigned to all or most messages by default by Gmail itself. (Read more about Gmail’s priority/importance markers and how they work here)
The only workaround at this time, if you do not have a need of the automatic priority setup, is to set the rule in Gmail to not mark messages as Important.
In Google webmail interface go to Settings>Filters and Blocked Addresses and then Create a New filter for all messages (to:your address) and then set the action to ‘Never mark it as important’ and save.


Hi Olivia , thanks for your reply. 

Actually for me the options mentioned in other topic worked… disabling the options under setting/labels in gmail. 

Thanks anyways. 

Disabling the options in Gmail did not work for me, but perhaps the filter is a bandage that will alleviate the issue.

The problem is that I am not sure if I can have a category that is actually for important email. In the meantime I can instead use the word ‘urgent’.

Hello - I’ve tried both fixes described here and am still receiving messages (and also sometimes when I send email) with the Important tag fixed.  Has any additional workaround been determined yet?