new email page slow to load

Since this latest update, not only can we not save images within emails but I also find that new email pages are very slow to load up. They never were before. In addition to that, if you print an email, it is also very slow to load whereas before it was always quick. You can easily print a blank page now because it can take 5 or 6 seconds to display the email you want to print.

Do we know when this is all likely to be fixed?

No idea Paul, but there are many problems with the recent releases. Your best bet is to uninstall eM Client, then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History. At least that will allow you to use the application until the next release.

To be honest, this software is pretty poor now with multiple issues, plus the same old imap error messages that never seem to go away despite trying various settings. I would recommend to anyone thinking of using this for business, to look elsewhere because if you want this for a busy office, it will just frustrate you. Personal use, you can probably put up with the faults.

All in all, I’m very disappointed with it and will be looking for an alternative

These issues you mentioned in your original post above (I guess it is the same Paul Hodges though you are using a second account on this forum) have been fixed in the latest version. At least the saving images issue has. Why don’t you download it from the Release History and give it a go?

What IMAP errors are you getting? 

The correct setting for IMAP is port 993 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). There is no need to try various settings. Only the correct one works. :wink:

Are you using eM Client for business? If so please make use of your VIP support option and raise your issues with eM Client Support through the ticket system. They will be able to assist you further.

Yes, eM Client is extremely slow to start compared to Outlook and Thunderbird. But on the other hand, I only start it once a day and leave it running in the background.

Yes I’m using for business and have logged a ticket. Will try your imap settings but frequently get imap connection to server error messages. I know the save image from email has been fixed but the slow page issues remain

I’m not talking about starting the email program up… I’m saying when you want to write a new email, the page loaded up with your footers and such like pretty quickly before whereas now it’s very slow. When you’re sending lots of business emails every day it’s intolerable and yes I have raised a ticket for this.

My point is I shouldn’t have to. I’m using this software for work and I’m paying for it. It’s not good enough that we go from something that worked well to what we have now. I’m not expecting a fix anytime soon. What I’m really saying here is to anyone considering using this for business… don’t! Find an alternative that works properly