New email messages are not visible

Hi all,

Every time I go to check my email, I have to scroll up in my inbox  to see new messages.  The view I am accustomed to is Newest at top to Oldest at bottom.    eM Client does support this sort index. The new emails are paced at the top, but the window scrool focus is left stale.

Perhaps it is a small oversight of not repositioning the database pointer on that particular sort index and setting the focus to the top of the window.

Or; I am missing a setting or default template. Anybody else seeing this?  Is there a simple solution?

If not, I’m not entirely sure of the most appropriate method to reach out to the development tean to request consideration coding for a small usability glitch like this.   Am I supposed to raise a ticket with support?

Advise is appreciated.


Hello Allan,

From what you are saying, it sounds like the newest messages are still on the top, but the focus is on the old messages on the bottom? This is a feature for when you sort the messages by something other than the “Received” column. If you sort the messages by Received, the focus should be on the newest messages on top when you start the program.


Hi Maurice,

thanks for your reply.  

I actually do have my inbox sorted on received.  The focus isn’t at the bottom.  The focus seems to stay on that last emails read near the top.  My personal preverance is to leave my mail programs starting at boot and always running.  I have several new emails coming in on my iPhone, so I hit refresh on eM and it doesn’t download anything. Then i notice the scrrollbar isn’t quite at the top.  I scroll up and there is all my new email already downloaded.  

I’ll keep playing with it.

cheers Allan

I think what you describe is intended behavior.  If I understand your issue,  you are say, 2 screens down on the message list and you leave leave the scroll bar there without going back to the top, it will appear as if there is no new email as the view will not return to the top upon receipt of a new email (although the counter will increment).  I tested this with Mail for Windows 10 and it does the same thing.  I don’t think you want the screen to keep going back to the top when a new email comes in and you are scrolling down.  Could be quite annoying.  Does this make sense?

Hi Jay,

I appreciate and respect your reply.  I think I may need to clarify. 

Perhaps when you suggest annoyance, you are visioning this happening when you are actually using the client and have it bounce to each new email as it arrives.   I would agree with that.

But when I am using the computer for other purposes, then I switch to the mail client to check my email, I am accustomed to actially seeing the new emails. My experience has been this to be the norm no matter whether you read your mails from the top down, or bottom up.    

It becomes an annoyance when you have to go looking for them. The mail client could be minimized, or even in the background. I believe most of us leave the client running with the inbox open, ready to deal with new email.  Then when we bring that client back to the forefront (windows focus), the inbox should be positioned so new mail is visible.

Are you a bottom up user?  Does eM Client show you your new emails when you bring it to the forefront?    I truly believe that’s the way it should be.

Although my memory is not as clear these days,  I believe I’ve read my mail from the top down in this manner for at least a decade.  At work we ran Lotus Notes. And at home I’ve used Eudora, Outlook Express, and Windows Live.   

Hopefully this provides more clarity.



Hi Allan-- I am a top (newest) to bottom (oldest).  And no, if I leave emc several screens down on the message list, minimize it, receive a new email and maximize, it does NOT display the new message-- I must scroll up.  I just tested this with email for Win 10 and it also does the same thing.  I understand your issue, but I’m not sure how emc would differentiate between using the program (i.e., scrolling down) and having it idle.  Interesting thought, though!

Hi Jay,

I can’t remember which email program defaulted to that view years ago, but perhaps it is one we both used, and liked the view enough to have carried on with since. I’m curious what other email programs you have used over the years.   

At first I believed I was missing something in eM.  But now that you say you experience the same anomaly, I now suspect an oversight by eM developers.  Don’t you find it annoying you have to scroll up to see if you have new email?    I am not sure how to go about getting this issue at the bottom of eM developers’ long list of user wishes, but perhaps that will come to light soon.

As a retired programmer, I’ve dealt with this scroll view issue in the past. With one of the applications I developed some years ago. It was a Payroll system.  There  as a lot of data to be displayed in various formats.  And no matter where the record pointer was left in a given dataset,the viewing window needed to scrolled to the top.  It’s fairly easy to do programmatically, but to get to the very top, your code has to speak to the scroll bar itself.  

It was because of Win10 Mail that I chose to purchase an eM client Pro Lifetime license rather that buy into MS’s new yearly software rental objective.   The Golden Rule with retirement is to reduce bills by owning outright what you need before retirement   I fear inflation will erode retiree’s fixed income so bad over time that they won’t be able to afford to rent their software.  And that will be a sad day. I have been procrastinating on spending time working in a Linux OS, but do believe I should, if only to be able to provide support to family and friends that are financially forced to move to a more cost effective OS.   Of course I understand that programmers need to eat too.  But this point is about shareholders, not MS Programmers (whom are paid quite well).  

And Kudos to you for your quite visible efforts to help people on this forum.  And likely other forums too I would surmise.

best regards, 

Hi Allan-- I have used (at least tried) every email client you can imagine, dating back to sprymail in the early '90s. This includes an 8-year sting of using Lotus Notes (yuck). About 3 years ago I started looking seriously for an Outlook replacement, primarily due to the need for a unified inbox. Of all the clients (including Thunderbird, Postbox, mailbird), emc was clearly the best. It only lacked a conversation mode, which obviously v7 supplied. In all the years, I never thought about your issue, maybe I just by rote would scroll to the top of the message list after each time I had looked at email, so I’m not sure if any of the clients I have used did or did not perform as you desire.

Thanks for the Kudos on my involvement on this forum, it is greatly appreciated. I like this forum because a) I truly believe in the product and want to help people so they can understand its benefits and b) emc employees play an active role, which is very unusual for a free product.

Take care,