New default action button "Process Email".

Would be great to have default action button for specific emails to “process” that emails.

For example on “Process Email” action button click:

Hi, this can be already done by setting proper rules so we do not plan to implement this.


Hello, IMHO this is not possible… How to proceed following rules only on email which i’m reading? I don’t want to filter whole inbox! I want to read and auto archive emails one by one… Is it possible now? Now i have to read -> seek folder -> move to folder, …

Rule can be created only for one email address without any problem.


I’m not sure we are talking about same thing.
Rules is great and it is definitely important part of this feature. BUT, i need to process SELECTED EMAIL ONLY - not whole folder! And i need TOOLBAR BUTTON for such action. Optionally there could be also QUICK WAY TO CREATE NEW RULES from selected email.