New creates message from wrong account

When I press New to create a new email message when All Inboxes is selected, the message comes from one of my accounts that seems to have been chosen at random. It is not the account at top of my account list. I guess the account it uses is the first one alphabetically, but that seems like a very unlikely method to choose the default. I can change it easily on each message, but it’s also easy to just use the default without noticing that it is the wrong one. It should use the first account in my list, since I moved that account to the top for a reason. Alternately you could have a setting to choose the default account.

I think the default sender of a new e-mail is the e-mail account which you have specified to be the ‘default account’ in the Tools --> Accounts window.

see the ‘set as default’ button in the bottom left of that window.

Thanks. I never noticed that button. Problem solved!

Hi, you can also change your sending account in new “message window” by clicking on email address near “From”.