"New Chat Message" indicator will not disappear

When using the chat feature, I often get a little button/indicator that says “New chat message”. The indicator seems to show up whether there is a new chat message or not. Clicking the indicator will take me to the bottom of the chat window but it doesn’t disappear. Sometimes it shows up even if I’m already at the bottom of the chat window.

I’m running eM Client 9.2.2038 and connected to SmarterMail’s (build 8629) jabber service.

The below image shows the button. It’s been clicked, I’ve scrolled the window up and down, I’ve selected another chat tab. It will not go away unless close the chat window or tab entirely and reopen it.

I have the same experience.

I have my chat window on a separate monitor that is a bit small (10in) and I had the Scale set to 125% in the Windows Display Settings for this monitor. I just noticed that the indicator disappears correctly now so maybe it was some kind of resolution issue?
Anyway, I thought this might help.