New bookmark section "Notes" (under Mail or Calendar bookmark)

Create new bookmark on left panel (under section Mail or Calendar) - Notes. This section will be for writing of notes, maybe able to combine text with pictures (not necessary), but most importantly Notes will be synchronized to Google documents in Drive section

Thank you. Can Notes sync with Android via Google?

how do you do this?

“Screenshot” is not real, because it is a SUGGESTION for developers to include this feature in next version :slight_smile:

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I know that eM programmers work on Notes section for a new version.
It is based on Evernote system.

I strongly suggest to reconsider it and continue to use Google compatible approach - Google Docs (Drive) would be the right choice.

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Unfortunately the news are that we have cancelled Evernote integration also. And there is no plan to implement “Notes” at the moment.


Pity. I start using eM as soon as Outlook Notes can be imported. Best regards Goran