New beta version of eM Client 10?

I hope my eM Client beta will not stops working before new beta will be released.
How long it will work (since it has no license manager)?
When we may expect next version? It’s been over a month and no update.

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Looks like there is a new V10 Beta due out soon, and the official V10 release is approx 4-6 weeks away as per @Michal_Burger post below from the following thread 4 days ago.

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Yes, the next beta is planned for this week and it should improve a lot of things.


For those of us using the current 10 beta, will the client automatically alert us to a new beta version so we can update from within the app?

Well, that was the end of this week, no new beta (just saying).

There will probably be no beta version.
Delete beta again, since reported errors are not fixed.
Lets see how it goes on.

There will be a new beta version soon.

@Gary, I hope you’re right and they don’t wait until they have fixed ‘the Google problem’.

Don’t know what “the Google problem” means, but we will release a new beta version soon.

I got an email from Google stating that they will no longer allow ‘Password only’ logins. I assume that will change some things. I also think this is Googles response to Microsofts ‘New Outlook’ where Microsoft can potentially get access to all Google acounts based on email accounts.

Google announced that two years ago.

We commented at that time, with instructions on how to make the change and our users have been successfully using eM Client with Google accounts since then. Please see: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

That sounds good. Just weird that I got that mail a few days ago.

So langsam wird es mit der neuen Beta unglaubwürdig. In 2 Monaten keine neue Beta, in welcher Fehler der vorherigen behoben wurden. Vertrauen baut man anders auf.