New and old versions refuse to open

I keep getting a dialog box saying that the program didn’t shut down properly last time and it’s checking the databases. That goes through its thing with no problems and it attempts to open the program. I get the error box inserted below.

I’m on win 10 and I’ve tried three different versions of the program. (I uninstall keeping the database.) I’ve made sure .NET is running.

eM Client screenshot

Assuming you backup regularly via eMC backup, you could consider uninstalling, re-installing (get latest version from here) and restoring the database from a backup date you know things were working well.

If I was not clear please let me know.

I backup my computer but damnit I haven’t been backing up my emails. I’m copying the folder now and I’ll rename it and say okay to delete when I uninstall again. See if it’s that folder that’s causing difficulties.

Wow, that worked. The program seems to be working just fine.