New 'ActiveSync fix the Microsoft issue'. Will it stop my Gmail?


I see EM Client recently released a new workaround to fix emails getting stuck in Sent Items.
Workaround for the sending issue via SMTP for Microsoft accounts | eM Client

…Since I also have a Gmail account in EM Client, might this new ‘ActiveSync’ fix stop my Gmail working? (I read somewhere ActiveSync may not always work with Gmail (e.g. free accounts and newly set-up Gmail accounts).

Thanks in advance

No, AirSync has nothing to do with the Google account. It is for Microsoft accounts only. It won’t affect your Gmail account.

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Thanks Gary.

So should the AirSync option in my EMC/Gmail account be left unticked, or wont it matter?

The AirSync option for the Microsoft account should be ticked.

There is no such option for the Gmail account.

Music to my ears!

Thanks again G.