New account not working

I cant seem to even get started … keeps giving me a red triangle. wont connect

I figured being new at this. I would try for help on this site. Before i uninstall and move on. Can anyone help with this?


Please double-check the login information, you have put in in the previous steps. Having a connection fail in the account set up very likely means, you have made a mistake or a typo during the information input.

eM Client Support

ok thanks i will try

Still dont work? :’(

It is highly unlikely that incorrect login information will cause that error.

First thing to try is to completely disable your anti-virus/firewall or VPN application, then try setup the account again.

If that still does not work, the setup should give an option to proceed without fixing/checking. Do that then go back to Menu > Accounts and find your new email account. Click on the SMTP and POP3/IMAP tabs and make sure you have one of the following port and security policy combinations.

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS
Port 25 = Use SSL/TLS if available
Port 465 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Port 995 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
Port 110 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Are you using the eM Client automatic account wizard setup ? or manually putting in the mail settings ?

If you are putting in the settings manually, what are the mail server settings. Hide any personal account details.