New Account Manual Setup Screen Not Displaying Correctly

I’m running eM Client on a Dell 7559 laptop with a 3840 x 2160 screen, and Windows 10. I’ve trialled v6 for a couple of weeks, with no issues other than an inability to print correctly. I was advised to install v7 beta to overcome this problem but, having installed it, I can’t set up my account as the automatic setup can’t find my details from my email address, and then the left hand side of the manual setup screen is missing and I can’t scroll or enlarge the window to bring up the missing part.  I can see the IMAP button, but the POP3 button is (presumably) in the missing half of the screen, along with other boxes I need to complete. I’ve uninstalled v7 and gone back to v6, but am having similar missing window problems, but the bottom part is missing this time. Fortunately, I can just see enough of the window to input my email address and password, so am able to use v6 again, but why are parts of these screens missing? I won’t be able to upgrade to v7 until there is a solution.

Hello Nicholas,
as we have not encountered this issue, it would be extremely helpful if you could share a screenshot of how the windows are displayed for you, so we can try to fix the User Interface.


Here is the screen.  You’ll see that there is a box to insert the email address, but the box to insert the password is missing or hidden.  There is no way of resizing or scrolling the screen to bring it up.

Hello Nicholas,
this is actually a new feature, the password box will appear after a connection to your mail server is established. Input your email and continue.


What about the missing left hand side of the screen for manual email setup in v7 (where the POP3 button must be)? I can install v7 again, and send you a screen dump it you need one.

Also, when I was setting up my email account in v6 yesterday, I could see the full box to input my email address, and below it just the top half of the password box - just enough to type in my password.

I’ve just installed v7 beta on my old laptop, running Vista and with a 1280 x 800 screen.  The program won’t detect my email settings automatically from my email address, but the manual setup screen displays correctly.
So what is missing from the same screen on my new laptop is the vertical section down the middle that contains the POP3 button, and most or all of the text “Incoming Server”, “User name” and “Password”.  Now I know the titles, I could complete these three boxes, but I’m stuck until I can press the POP3 button, as I use email on a number of devices and need to be set up my master email archive that way.

I can’t scroll the screen to show the missing section.

Hello Nicholas,
can I ask what your DPI setting for your monitor is and if you have Large fonts enabled in Windows?


The DPI is set to 3840 x 2160, which is the recommended size for my screen, and the Size of Text, Apps, and Other Items is set to 300%, which is not the recommended size but is what I found gave me the best overall readability.  However, I can’t solve the eM Client v6 problem of tiny buttons on the compose email screen (which I know another contributor also suffers from and which v7 is supposed to overcome).

I agree with this user. I’m using a 4K monitor and the font size on the list names, menu items, etc is woefully small. 

seems like the issue will indeed be with the 4K monitor and I’ll forward this to our developers so it can be fixed in v7, though we have few high DPI fixes in the next BETA update ready and we hope to release this update soon.
Unfortunately this will not be fixed in version 6, as the old interface could not be changed for high DPIs and version 7 should be the solution.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thank you for that update.  I realize software release dates can’t be given but do you expect V7 this quarter or later?

Is the 4K monitor also the reason for the problem with the email manual setup screen (missing POP3 button etc), and is there a timescale to fix that too?
I can just about live with the tiny buttons, but not being able to configure my account the way I need it is a major impediment to use.
Is there a temporary workaround for either issue?

Hi Nicholas,
please contact me at [email protected] with a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.


I installed v7 using the link you sent, resulting in exactly the same problems as described in my earlier thread. I still can’t set up my email account automatically by inputting my email address and, if there is supposed to be one, I can’t see a dialog box to input my email password.
In v6, on the screen to set up my email account automatically, I can see the box where I input my email address, and just enough of the password box is visible so I can fill that out too. I’ve filled out both boxes, and my email account has set itself up.
Also in v7, part of the dialog box for manual email setup is missing, so I can’t open my account by that route.
Thinking this might be a problem with my 4K laptop screen, I’ve reduced the resolution to 2K, and also moved the email setup screens on to a second monitor with a native 2K resolution. In both cases, I still get email setup screens with sections missing.
This problem must be caused by Windows 10?

To update the situation for the benefit with other emclient users with Windows 10 and 4K screens, I eventually managed to set up my email account (manually), and overcame the printing problem by altering the screen resolution on my laptop to 1920 x 1080 (although it resets itself back to the native 4K resolution each time I restart, and rather defeats the objective of having a 4K screen anyway).  It’s hardly user-friendly, though, and I hope the emclient development team will give this issue a bit of priority.  I do find having a touch screen on my laptop incredibly useful, so I imagine that this type of screen will become much more common over the next few months, and complaints from new users to emclient will increase, assuming they don’t vote with their feet and choose a different piece of software.  “Keeping up with of Outlook” must be a core objective for emclient’s business?

Nicholas -
Thanks for the update. I’m waiting patiently for V7. I hope that’s the fix for the overall resolution problems. Otherwise it’s an excellent email program.

I should probably have mentioned that I am running v7, with problems & solutions as above.  Also, that I can’t find a way to synchronise the Calendar in emclient with the one on my Samsung tablet (S planner). It’s probably Samsung’s fault as they only offer the sync facility to Outlook clients.
Is there a worldwide conspiracy to force folk to keep using Microsoft products, or is it that they are just better than the opposition?