New account is not accepted

I try to add a new account to eM Client. When i do that I receive the following error message: “Your browser is a bit unusual. Try disabling ad blockers and other extensions, enabling javascript or using a different web browser.”
I don’t know why I receive this message when i try to add a new account. The web browser i use is Google Chrome and I’ve used it for years. Javascript is already enabled.
I have bought a domain name to set up a website and i created an email address that matches the domain name. So when i try to enter the new account (the new email address) in eM Client I receive the above error message.
Could you please help me with that?

Is this a GoDaddy account?
Are you running eMC v8.2.1509?

Seems many have/had this problem and it appears to be GoDaddy-related. V8.2.1509 addresses the problem…

Yes It’s a Godaddy account. My eM Client version is: 8.2.1473

when i click on update it says: there is not an update available

Get the download from here

viernes 06 agosto 2021 :: 0843hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @George7

No idea if this connected with your problem, however, there have been Chrome issues recently, see here:

As an aside we do not allow Chrome on any of our computers as Google try to impose their will.

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Thanks for helping me. Problem solved. I much appreciate it.